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A Light on the Hill

About Us 

FairPlay's Mission & Vision




A Light On The Hill (ALOTH)



As we get closer to earth’s final events and Christ's second coming, our primary aim is to proclaim God’s final Present Truth warning (Revelations 14:6,7) messages to the world through Biblical Prophetic Light , The Spirit of Prophecy, & Medical Missionary work. In the process we clearly  want to focus on exposing, unmasking the enemy's lies, spiritual deceptions, and false doctrine.   

For this reason, we  believe that the acronym ALOTH embodies the idea, cornerstone, motive and intention, for realizing the values behind the vision and inspiring others to embrace this challenge and share in the blessings of winning souls for Christ's Kingdom and finishing the work.

Another main focal point is to bring healing to our brothers and sisters (God's remnant people) here locally in our community and around the world. That includes you my friend. God has ordained & selected us (John 15:16) to help  transform lives and the world, with His Holy Spirt & the proclamation of His Inspired  Word (Matthew 28:18-20). God has entrusted us to be a part of finishing the work.  


Mission Statement

Our Goal is to (A) -Advancing God's kingdom principles. (L) - Lifting hurting souls. (O) - Opening doors of hope. (T) Trusting God's WORD. (H) Healing the hurt and broken hearted.


Vision Statement 


(A) -Advancing the cause of Eternal Salvation, God's Kingdom Principles & His Holy Inspired Word to the world Matthew 28:19-20


(L) - Lifting up every hurting soul with the Light of Jesus Christ Psalms 40:2


(O) - Opening doors of hope with the Power of the Holy Spirit Acts 1:4,5


(T) Trusting in the WORD of God & His Health Message John 5:39-47


(H) Healing the hurt and the broken-hearted by healing the body, soul, & spirit through the power of the 8 Laws of Health (NEWSTART). Teaching these basic laws will help others incorporate new healthy habits into daily practice.  1st Corinthians 6:19,20